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We care about our customers and want to make sure they are happy. We understand that some of our customers are Muslim or have certain beliefs about what they can eat. That’s why we only use food that has been certified as halal. We want everyone to feel included and respected, so we make a big effort to offer halal food. We are proud of the good quality of our food, and we always try to improve our service to better meet our customers’ needs. If you come to us or order food from us, we will make sure we take good care of you and your special dietary needs. Your experience with us will be great!

Halal certification is of great importance for the Muslim community in the Middle East. Halal refers to what is permissible in Islam and covers not only food and drinks but also cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products. Getting certification ensures that products meet the standards set by Islamic law and follow the principles of ethical and hygienic practices.

Having Halal certification provides assurance to customers that the food they are consuming is safe and follows religious guidelines. Furthermore, it helps export products to the international market as the demand for Halal products is increasing globally. Halal certification also helps companies gain credibility and build trust with customers.

In summary, Halal certification plays a critical role in the Middle East as it provides peace of mind to Muslims, supports domestic businesses, and helps with international trade.

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  • AIM MEDI TOURS- aims at becoming the largest and fastest-growing provider of healthcare excellence in India with state-of-the-art medical facilities and comprehensive medical services based on the highest International Standards in the medical tourism industry.


  • To provide transparent, affordable, and high-quality health care services to international and domestic patients.
  • We place the highest importance on the health and safety of our guests and select the top 10 hospitals in India, the top 10 doctors in India, and medical institutions accredited by international standards.
  • Our company’s goal is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists and ensure that they feel at home.
    The Best hospital list in India is ranked based on aggregated surveys completed by members of medical schemes, administered by Discovery Health, patients’ ratings, hospital experience, and doctor’s success rate of treatment.

The Best hospital list in India is ranked based on aggregated surveys completed by members of medical schemes,  administered by Discovery Health, patients’ ratings,  hospital experience, and doctor’s success rate of treatment. 

International Patient Safety Goals

  • Identify patients correctly. Improve effective communication.
    Improve the safety of high-alert medications.
  • Ensure safe surgery.
  • Reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections.
  • Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls.
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